100% Fair & Transparent unfixable betting on the Tron blockchain, House edge is always 2.5%

Feeling Lucky ? Guess the Last Digit of the Next Tron Block Hash to Win »


What do you think the last digit of next Tron block hash will be ?

Pick up to 8 digits. More picks have a better chance of winning. Less picks have a higher win payout.

imgClick on digits to pick your choices and see your odds.

Bet whole amounts. Minimum bet is 1 TRX, maximum is 1000 TRX. Payments above maximum will be played at maximum and rest treated as a donation.

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Bet instantly with your Tron wallet. Your bet will be played in the next block after your stake is received.

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Choose which digits to bet on and place your wager by sending your stake directly from your Tron wallet.

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Get Winnings

Your winnings will be sent directly to your TRON wallet in the following block after your bet is played.

Block # Block Hash Digits Picked Stake Win % Odds Return
52013452 ...0a5efcc7dd5899 1,2,5,7,8,9,b,f 1 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 1.95 TRX
52013441 ...1b8957bec1701e 1,3,4,5,b,c,e,f 1 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 1.95 TRX
51632547 ...d25a914093c87e 1,e,f 5 TRX 18.75% 5.20x 26.00 TRX
50991123 ...7481ab85afe459 1,4,5,6,7,9,b,f 6 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 11.70 TRX
50991118 ...4f6a9d69ec60a4 1,4,5,6,7,9,b,f 3 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 5.85 TRX
50991109 ...cfd3ce662dabc6 0,2,6,7,8,d,e,f 32 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 62.40 TRX
50991078 ...a6863db8df0ae7 0,2,6,7,8,d,e,f 2 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 3.90 TRX
50991074 ...3050a2578198de 0,2,6,7,8,d,e,f 1 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 1.95 TRX
50971671 ...38e56a72d0d4ed 2,4,6,8,9,a,b,d 4 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 7.80 TRX
50971612 ...c5b3ccf74d43d2 1,2,3,5,6,7,e,f 4 TRX 50.00% 1.95x 7.80 TRX