Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What's the goal of this game ?
    Every block on the Tron blockchain has its own unique hash that is generated on a random basis from 16 predertermined characters. The characters that you get to choose from when placing your bet are the only ones that are ever used to make up the last digit of the block hash. You are guessing that the last character of the block hash will be one of the characters that you choose when making your bet.

  • Why aren't the games instantaneous ?
    This game is based on the block hash of the blocks that are used to make up the Tron blockchain. Block hashes are generated at random by miners when they find a block that can be added to the Tron blockchain. The network is configured to generate blocks at a rate of about 1 block every 3 to 5 seconds. Sometimes blocks are generated slower and sometimes they are generated faster.

  • How does the system choose what block I play ?
    The game for your bet is always played on the block that comes after the one that has included the bet you sent to us in it. If receives your bet on block 9001 your bet is played on block 9002. There is a 1 block discrepancy between the numbering of blocks on the daemon and the numbering of the blocks on the block explorer - this doesn't matter because your bet will always be played on the block after we've receive it.

  • Why can't I choose other digits for my bet ?
    The block hash for Tron blocks are only ever made up of the letters and numbers that we list where you construct your bet (0123456789abcdef). It wouldn't be fair for us to list letters that have no chance of ever being used to construct the blockchain hash.