Game Fairness

How the game fairness is maintained...

This game is 100% fair and can not be rigged. There's no need to calculate anything to prove a game's authenticity - every game can easily be checked by anyone, at any time.

The digit that you're betting on in this game is the last digit of the blockhash for the block that's emitted after your bet has been received. For example: If you send your bet to us and your transaction is included in blockchain on block 100 then your bet will play on block 101. You can look at any time in your wallet to see at what block height your bet was included in the blockchain. The block you play will always be the one after your bet is included in the Tron blockchain.

Block hashes are generated randomly by miners that have mined the blocks. Nobody has any control over how or who or when these blocks are generated - it's feasibly impossible to rig this game. Miners also do not have control over the generated block hash or the time when it's emitted.

It's pretty hard to get any more fair than this.